I am a mathematician and theoretical computer scientist in Booz Allen Hamilton, where I apply new and existing ideas in machine learning and social network analysis to create models, algorithms, and statistical techniques for analyzing international relations and geopolitical conflicts.

I am also a student in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology where I am pursuing a Masters of Science in Computer Science. I am an organizer of the AI Village, a community of hackers and data scientists working to educate the world on the use and abuse of artificial intelligence in security and privacy.

In addition to my professional work, I am interested in topics in theoretical computer science including algorithms, graph theory, and computability theory. I enjoy spending my free time investigating the computational complexity of games and puzzles.



M.S. in Computer Science, the Georgia Institute of Technology, ongoing

B.S. in Mathematics with honors, the University of Chicago, 2016

B.A. in Philosophy, the University of Chicago, 2016